What we offer

Ikisan is an agricultural portal, a one-stop information resource for the farmer. Ikisan provides online, detailed content on crops, crop management techniques, fertilisers & pesticides and a host of other agriculture related material. Latest updates on related markets, products and weather forecasts are also available. Generic information enriches you with common topics on agriculture like Soils, Seeds, Nutrients, Rural Credit, Insurance, Sprayers, Machinery etc.

  • Business model of Ikisan enables farmers to derive best value from his business by direct intervention in the agribusiness value chain. The model has both content provision and community creation and uses these as springboard to commerce. The concept aims at establishing a self sustaining network wherein participants derive comparative advantage over existing business processes and therefore pass on a portion of value thus generated towards perpetuating the system.
  • Ikisan provides extensive content - both static and dynamic in the form of information on crops, prices, weather and problem solving mechanisms in the farmer's own language based on the reality that considerable number of farmers has limited literacy.
  • The services provided by Ikisan cover:
    • Information about crops, markets, prices, weather, agri news etc
    • Knowledge in the form of crop management, pest management, water management, soil management, implements, agri-machinery etc
    • Diagnostics and solutions for various problems ( Pests, Nutrition etc)
    • Information and facilitation of insurance, credit and other allied services
    • Facilitation of trading in inputs and output
    • Ikisan sees tremendous opportunity in other agri related areas such as Dairy, poultry, and also the farmer as consumer for various goods and services such as health, education, consumer goods etc and also in the areas of e-governance and e-commerce.