Field Manager ©

Field manager © provides an intelligent way of planning and recording of information to the farmer. This data along with history is also available to experts for suggesting improvements.

This application consists of:

Field Details

Data of individual fields of a farmer is captured. Information would be in terms of ownership, soil type, irrigation source, past history of crops, soil analysis results, etc.

Crop Program

Crop Program is a list of all activities needed for the management of a particular crop. There will be as many crop programs as the crops that the farmer wishes to grow. As the farmer prepares the program, either through software support or experts support, best management practices could be prompted.

Field Plan

Once the crop program is captured (on a ‘per acre’ basis), farmer applies the crop program on various fields in which he/she plans to cultivate the crops. A crop program that is applied for the different fields (hence multiplied by the number of acres allotted for the crop in those fields) is called as the field plan. Multiple crop programs may be applied on a single field. A single crop program may also be applied across multiple fields.

Record Keeping

Once the field plans are prepared the farmer starts entering the actual details of the following for ‘each phase’ crop program that the farmer has defined.


Various reports are generated based on the inputs captured from the farmers to help them improve upon their crop programs and field plans.

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