Allied Agriculture

Bee keeping

The equipment required for maintenance of Apis mellifera is :

  • Bee hive box with stand.
  • Hiza tool, Smoker
  • Bee veil (For protection of face from bees stinging).
  • Bee brush
  • Rubber gloves 12 ” length
  • Crystal knife (For removing brood frames).
  • Queen excluden sheet
  • Aluminium plates of 1” depth and 4” to 5” diameter to keep the legs of the stand immersed in water, to prevent from ants and provide water for bees.

  • For colonies on Apis mellifera contact, Horticulturist, ARS, Vijayarai – 534 475, West Godavari . The best time for introduction of Apis mellifera in the state is from middle of December to middle of January. The cost of each transport hive with five frame bee strength colony is about Rs.730/-
  • For successful maintenance of Aple mellifera colonies, there should be profuse forage, rich in nectar/pollen within a radius of 2 to 5km for a period of 9 to 10months. Sunflower, cotton, mustard, peas and all cucumber family plants possess flowers with high nector content. Among plantations, mango, guava, coconut, tamarind, ber, cashewnut, banana, citrus, neem and soapnut are also the source of nector. Availability of fresh water and formation of Drone congregation centres (5-6) for queen mating may also play an important role in success of bee keeping.
  • Mites infesting the colonies can be controlled by dusting sulphur @1.5g per frame on the top bar.